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Crafted for speed, control and big air with ultimate ride comfort in any condition.
The legendary Shotgun is the result of a decade long pursuit of perfection. A sophisticated ?jack of all trades?, master-crafted to ride fast, cruise comfortably and take you to new heights in every possible riding situation.

It?s medium flex Ultra light 3d wood-core delivers lots of pop while still being forgiving and a high top-end speed with perfect control. Soft and predictable landings and great chop handling are guaranteed due to the single concave to quad channels.

LIEUWE? x Teijin
Big Airs were never this comfortable.

If you are looking for more extreme airs without sacrificing your knees, look no further. Upgrade our Legendary Shotgun or extreme Oceana kiteboards with a custom Teijin Twaron? Aramide fibre and experience that unbeatable LIEUWE? feeling like never before.

Designed to increase comfort for our riders (and their knees…), this kevlar upgrade makes our kiteboards more shock resistant and shock absorbing whilst also increasing their stiffness, pop and dampening properties. The carbon upgrade is available on all our kiteboard models


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